By You!

Did your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, or just family history tell you a story about America's Old West?  I'd like to post that story here for all to enjoy!  It does not need to be historically verifiable, if you believe it, please share it!  Here's how it works...
*  Please keep it short - <1000 words so it will fit on this site.
*  Do not send attachments - they will not be opened.  Please Copy & Paste text into the body of an email.
* I will post it with your name - no editing, with your name and my editing, or "anonymously" with editing - per your wishes.
*  If you want to include an image, please let me know and we can make individual arrangements.
*  Not all stories will get posted here, I reserve the right to determine if & when postings will occcur.
*You can CONTACT ME using the form on this site, or email directly at [email protected]

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I'm anxiously waiting to post your story here!


You don't have to be a writer, just send me your story and we'll work together to post it here!


Who knows, it may even end up in a widely published book - with your permission of course - after it's posted here!