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"If you've an interest, I'll tell you the greatest story of America's Old West, because it includes, most every great story from America's Old West.  I know,   I saw, I was there.  ...Sully"
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      Sully's American West Volume I was published by History Publishing Company in June of 2017 as an e-book.  Volume I covers the story from Sully's birth in Ireland through his involvement with Billy the Kid, John Tunstall, Alex McSween, the Regulators, and Murphy & Dolan during the Lincoln County War.
     The manuscript for  Sully's American West Volume II is complete and has been accepted by History Publishing Company.  It is currently in production and the e-book is scheduled for release
in the very near future (as of 9/14/2017).
     And finally, a full print version is already planned, combining Volumes I and II into a single epic story.  We hope to see this available for purchase before the end of 2017.
     The Volume I e-book is available today on AMAZON and other e-book outlets.

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     In 1863 a young Irish man finds passage to America, only to arrive on the eve of the infamous New York Draft Riots.  That event sends him on a 30 year journey through America’s Old West in which he encounters most every great character and event that defined it: Jesse & Frank James, the Younger Brothers, the Civil War, the Kansas Cowtowns, the fall of the James’ Gang in Northfield, John Chisum Billy the Kid and the Lincoln County War, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, the OK Corral, the Western Mining Town Boom, the Oklahoma Land Runs, Wounded Knee, the fall of the Dalton Gang in Coffeeville, and the greatest gunfight that every took place between Lawmen and Outlaws in America.  Sully’s American West, AVAILABLE NOW as an e-book published by History Publishing Company, is his eyewitness account of all those people and events, and more.
     For a detailed synopsis, please see the map below and the chapter outline that follows!
Sully’s American West, Volume I

1895                 By Way Of Introduction
It is 1895 San Francisco.  Sully, our main character, introduces himself and explains how he’s come to write this story after 32 years traveling through America’s Old West and experiencing its greatest characters and events.

1863                 An Unexpected Adventure
William Garvey Sullivan, a sixteen year old boy in Ireland with a passion for adventure unexpectedly finds passage to America.  As a result of his upbringing, along with his passion and capacity for travel, Sully has several natural abilities – he is liked by most everyone he meets, has an exceptional gift for gab, can outwork most anyone, plays a good fiddle, and loves to cook for himself and others.  These are the attributes that will eventually carry him across America’s West.

1863                 The New York Draft Riots
Sully arrives in New York on what turns out to be the eve of the infamous New York Draft Riots.  He witnesses them from start to finish and records in great detail all that he saw - from what led up to them, to the incredible and often horrible acts themselves, and the aftermath of those terrible days.

1863                 Making Friends
As the dust is settling Sully soon finds himself fully integrated into the New York culture with a lot of friends - most particularly, John and Mary McSorley.  John and Mary own a pub in New York (still in operation today), and they become instrumental in Sully’s future adventures.  Sully works at the New York docks during the day and as a cook, bartender, and entertainer at McSorley’s in the evening.  During this time:
     Sully befriends a fellow worker, Catherine McCarty and her young son Henry – who he was destined to meet up with again years later in the West.  By that time though, Henry McCarty had become known as Billy the Kid.
     Sully also has a brief encounter with an actor, after attending a play, by the name of John Wilkes Booth.  Sully could not have known the future role of Booth, but knew instantly that he did not like the man.

1863                 A Grand Idea
     John McSorley, besides being a great friend to Sully, is also an exceptional businessman.  He recognizes Sully’s restless nature, and also a good business opportunity when he sees one.  Together they invent the first portable kitchen, or “Chuckwagon” as it was later to become known.  John decides to fund Sully, helps him get set up, and sends him off on his Western adventures.

1864                 Into The West
Sully begins his travels West from New York, first by train to Indianapolis, then westward making his way by cooking meals for pay from his wagon.  During this time he also:
     Encounters and befriends a young Wyatt Earp who is being escorted home by his Father after running away to join the Civil War.
     Has a chance meeting with a group of Civil War fighters in which he meets and becomes friends with Jesse James and what would become the James-Younger Gang.
     He also encounters, and serves dinner for, Bloody Bill Anderson and his notorious gang of guerilla fighters.

1864                 Civil War
Sully continues his travels further into the West.  He becomes an eye witness to the Civil War’s Battle of Westport, later to become known as ‘The Gettysburg of the West’.  He recounts the horrors of war, most notably from a field hospital, as over thirty thousand men are engaged and more than three thousand killed.
     He also has a chance encounter with Wild Bill Hickok which, while their meeting was brief, sets Sully’s future course.

1864                 Quiet Years in Wild Towns
At Hickok’s advice, Sully turns his attention to the rapidly growing Western migration and finds himself moving from town to town in what has come to be known as the Jumping Off Points and Kansas Cattle Towns.  He eventually ends up in Dodge City and witnesses many of the wild times for which it became infamous.
     He meets up again with his old friend Wyatt Earp while there, but their time together is brief since Sully is offered a new opportunity and decides to move on.

1876                 Northfield, Minnesota
While in Dodge City, Sully is sought out by a friend of John McSorley.  This friend owns an establishment in Northfield, Minnesota, similar to John’s in New York.  He offers Sully an opportunity to come work with him and, seeing the chance for a new adventure, Sully agrees and travels northwest.
     At first it seems an ideal arrangement and Sully is happy with his destination, but his happiness is short lived.  He is contacted one day to bring his wagon to prepare a meal for a group of drovers.  He agrees, but upon arriving at the remote location, discovers he’s actually been summoned by an old friend from the trail – Jesse James and his gang.  They enjoy a fine reunion, eating and visiting into the night, all the while without revealing their true intent.  The next morning, in order to protect Sully’s reputation, he is bound and left by the James’ Gang as they ride into their fateful encounter in Northfield.  Sully manages to free himself and rushes back to Northfield just in time to witness the great battle on the streets that took place there.  While the James’ gang was soundly defeated, Jesse’s ruse works, and Sully is never connected with the notorious raid.
     Once more though, fate comes calling as he is contacted by an agent of John Chisum, businessman and cattle baron in New Mexico, with an invitation to come work for him.  Deciding to put the memories (and cold climate) of Northfield behind him, Sully sets out on the long trek south to New Mexico.

1877       The Lincoln County War
Sully arrives in New Mexico and begins working for Mr. Chisum, cooking and serving his ranch, located near Lincoln, New Mexico.
During a supply run to Lincoln he hears a voice calling to him from a stable.  At first Sully does not recognize the voice, but is soon shocked to discover that the person calling to him is an older version of Henry McCarty.  Henry informs him that he is now known as William H. Bonney, and is looking for work.  Sully tells Mr. Chisum’s business partner, John Tunstall, about Henry, vouches for him, and thereby begins their fateful association.
     As a result, Billy finds himself working for John Tunstall and by association, Alexander McSween just as their dispute with Lawrence Murphy and James Dolan nears the boiling point.  Thus was born the Lincoln County War.
     Sully recounts those events from his position on the fringes of it, until finally he is eye witness to the culmination of that war between the factions of Billy and his cohorts, Murphy and Dolan, and the U.S. Cavalry.

1878                 After, and Before
Sully continues to work for John Chisum until one more fateful day, history knocks at his door once again.  His old friend Wyatt Earp finds him and makes an invitation for Sully to join him in a new town that Wyatt believes is destined to grow rapidly – Tombstone, Arizona.
He also meets and visits with Pat Garrett who comes to the ranch while campaigning to be the new Lincoln County Sheriff.  He will meet Pat Garrett once more, years later, at which time Pat shares important and surprising information.

Sully’s American West, Volume II

1880                      Catching Up
As Sully makes his way toward his new opportunity with Wyatt Earp in Tombstone, he brings us up to date on the events and characters that were introduced in Volume I.  He also shares some insights into his own character to help clarify himself to the reader.

1880                      Tombstone, Arizona
Sully arrives in Tombstone and finds that it holds every opportunity he had hoped for.  Wyatt has arranged for his home, and a job running the kitchen at the Oriental Saloon.  But he also finds a new family in Wyatt, his brothers, their wives, friends, and Doc Holliday.

1881                      Trouble in Tombstone
Tensions rise in Tombstone as Wyatt and company attempt to introduce law enforcement into a town previously run by the lawless group known as The Cowboys.  Conflicts escalate with the Clanton’s and McLaury’s until one day it spills onto the streets with the most famous gunfight of America’s Old West.  But that does not end the tensions as two of his brothers, Virgil and Morgan, pay a price for their efforts in blood.

~1889                    Seven Years on to The Run
Sully and the rest of the Earp’s concede defeat and depart Tombstone, while Wyatt remains behind to finish their business.  They go their separate ways and Sully finds himself in a dark period wandering the Colorado Boomtowns, until he finally finds his way to Denver.  In Denver he reunites with Wyatt and his new wife Josie, along with Bat Basterson who now owns his own establishment there.  Sully finds new hope and is soon headed to a truly extraordinary opportunity at the first Oklahoma Land Run.

1890                      Tragedy on the Plains
As he is working the first Land Run, he encounters Colonel Forsyth who is tasked with rebuilding the 7th Cavalry, some 13 years after their defeat at Little Bighorn.  He is invited to participate in their rebuilding and, anxious to serve America, joins them as a civilian cook.  As part of his duties, and with a desire to witness the Indians of the West, he is sent with the 7th on a seemingly harmless mission to Wounded Knee.  There he witnesses and recounts the most tragic event of his life.

1892                      An Impossible Coincidence - Happens
After Wounded Knee, Sully returns to Guthrie in the Oklahoma Territory where he finds work in a saloon, with the opportunity to continue to work more Land Runs.  It is during this time that he accepts an invitation from an old friend that puts him on the trail to Coffeeville, Kansas.  On the way though, he is waylaid and held by the Dalton Gang, his old friend Bill Doolin among them, on the eve of their disastrous raid on that town.

1893                      America’s Greatest Gunfight
After healing from the wounds he received in Coffeeville, Sully returns once again to Guthrie intending to continue to ply his trade.  But the U.S. Marshal Service is aware of his association with Bill Doolin, who has formed a new, even more dangerous gang.  Marshal Bill Tilghman, one of the Oklahoma Guardsmen, convinces Sully to assist them in bringing an end to that gang through his association with Bill Doolin.  Sully thinks back on his old friend Wyatt Earp and agrees, ending up squarely in the middle of the largest, longest running, and most deadly to law enforcement, gunfight from America’s Old West, in Ingalls, Oklahoma.

1895                      After All…
Weary from the violence, loss, and work of his 30 year adventure, Sully’s story of America’s Old West comes to an end as he embarks on a new journey to reap the rewards of what he has sewn.  This journey ends in San Francisco with old friends and new opportunities.