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     Edward A. Graves was born of Irish descent in Ithaca, New York, 1959. After moving to Oklahoma in 1988 he became fascinated by the characters and events that defined America's Old West. At first his desire was to write non-fiction about one of those characters or events, but could not find one that had not been extensively researched and covered already. And then he made a timeline of them all and discovered that it would have been possible for one person to have witnessed, and come to know, all of them. With that concept in mind, Sully's American West was born. His fictional character Sully is a traveler, cook, story teller, and entertainer, originally from Ireland, who uses those skills to travel America's Old West while witnessing those events, coming to personally know many of the characters involved, and accidentally becoming involved in them all. the book is considered Historical Fiction since every character and event take place (or could have taken place) in the place and time in which it is placed in the story. If you love America's Old West, Sully's American West is both a fun and informative read.
     Edward A. Graves has also enjoyed a multi-faceted business career spanning from photographics to software, to the horse trade, plus retail management, and law enforcement.  In all of those positions he has become the defacto writer for each organization, but this is first major publication.  Today he lives in Oklahoma as a blended family with a combined total of 5 children and 4 grandchildren.
     He is also a Navy Veteran where he received professional photographic training, a serious hobby that he maintains to this day.  Other than the photos of historical figures, all photographs on this site are of his own production and copyright. 

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of 4/14/19 I can only say that my relationship with History Publishing Company is in question.  Despite multiple promises from them, neither Volume II of Sully's American West, nor the combined print version, is scheduled for release.  In addition, in direct violation of their contract I have never received any accounting of sales of Volume I, nor any payment whatsoever.  I am not disparaging History Publishing Company, these are simple statements of fact.  Given these facts, if you are an agent or publisher interested in working with me, I would welcome your contact  to discuss how we might work together in a legal and ethical manner. 
...Edward A. Graves, Author, Sully's American West.
     My fascination with America's Old West began in 1988 when I moved to Oklahoma and the job I moved here for sent me traveling around the world.  That's when I realized two important facts.  First, that while the histories of the countries I visited went back thousands of years and was mostly buried under centuries of earth, ours, that of America (with all due respect to Native America) was still largely on the surface with buildings still standing and stories still fresh in family minds.  Secondly though was how much that Old West defined us as a people in the minds of so many that I met beyond our borders.
     Strong.  Fiercely independent.  Adventurous.  Dangerous.  A little on the crazy side.  Willing to take great risk.  Self sufficient.  Free.  Unconventional.  Individual.  Hard working.  Tough.  Unpredicatable.  Decisive.  Fearless.  Love of Family, Laughter, and Good Times.  These are the same traits by which we Americans are seen today, and these traits were born mostly as a result of America's Old West.  
     And I define America's Old West as that period from 1860 - 1900, primarily west of the Mississippi and east of California.  That's where it happened.
     Jesse & Frank James, the Younger Brothers, Bloody Bill Anderson, Wyatt Earp, the Battle of Westport, Wild Bill Hickok, the Great Western Migration, the Kansas Cattle Towns, the James' Gang's Disastrous Raid on Northfield, John Chisum, John Tunstall, Alex McSween, and of course Billy the Kid and the Regulators during the Lincoln County War, Wyatt & Virgil & Morgan & Doc & The Cowboys at the OK Corral, the Mining Boom Towns of Colorado, Bat Masterson, the Oklahoma Land Runs, the tragic massacre at Wounded Knee, the Demise of the Dalton Gang in Coffeeville, and the greatest and last gunfight between lawmen and outlaws in the Old West in Ingalls, Oklahoma.  These are the characters and events that comprised America's Old West, and define America still to this day.  This is America's Old West.
     While Sully's American West is a work of fiction, great care was taken to insure that all historical characters and events are accurately portrayed in the correct place and time.  While there will always be debate over the specific details of each character and event, multiple sources were referenced to make sure that the accounting was as accurate as possible.
     So while the bulk of this site is to promote Sully's American West, The Old West Page is devoted to actual stories, legends, and facts about America's Old West.  On that page I will share the posts from my popular Facebook page. I'd like to invite you to visit that page and "Like" it so that you'll get updated stories as new posts are made.
     But I don't want to stop there - I want to hear, and post on this site, YOUR STORIES!  Over the years I've heard many stories passed down from family members about encounters with these same Old West characters and events.  If you are interested in having those stories published on this site (and perhaps later in wider distribution) please visit The Old West page and follow the direction there.