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This site is designed with 3 purposes in mind:
     1.  To celebrate and spotlight the most famous characters and events from America's Old West - a time and place that defined America forever.  Go To Old West Page
     2.  To introduce you to my book, Sully's American West, in which those characters and events come to life with historical accuracy but in an extremely entertaining work of historical fiction.  Go To Sully's American West Book Page
     3.  To give you a forum to share your family stories associated with the Old West.  I am actively seeking those stories and, with your permission, will publish them on this site so that you can share them with other lovers of America's Old West.  Go To Your Stories
I welcome and encourage you to navigate this site, enjoy my book, contact me with comments or questions, and share your own passed down family stories!

All the Best to You and Yours, ...Ed